To all our players, coaches, managers and parents.
Hockey as a sport relies on umpires. Umpires are there to make decisions, and being human will make mistakes.
And sometimes they will make a call against you!

Despite what you may think, they do not do this on purpose and do not have a personal vendetta against you.
As a club we need to recognise the value an umpire adds to the game.
To this end we are asking everyone to respect the umpire’s decision and not criticise, argue with or harangue them.
Do not call out abuse from the sidelines, the dugouts or on the field.
If you think you can do a better job than the current umpire, then please put your hand up to volunteer – the Associations are crying out for more!!

Remember, they are there doing their best so you can play the sport you love.

Please respect them and their decisions.

Good luck everyone for the rest of the season!!

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